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March 8th, 2010

Welcome to the Echo Mountain Off-Leash Dog Arena website.

Enjoy a tour of the photo gallery, videos, and catch up on the latest dog park news. A core group of park regulars formed a user group dubbed “The Pack”. The goal of The Pack is to work with the City of Phoenix to maintain and improve dog park quality.

During the past two years, the City has re-seeded both large and small dog arenas, increased the grass watering schedule, planted numerous trees, installed dog watering stations, and erected three additional benches per side. The City re-worked the parking lot and sidewalks and the park is now handicap accessible.

Members of The Pack built and erected shade panels, donated grass seed and fertilizer, and continually donate lawn chairs. In short, Echo Mountain Dog Park may be the most lush, comfortable, dog-friendly, people-friendly dog park in the Phoenix area.

You are encouraged to join The Pack and submit your own photos or videos. We never send unsolicited emails or advertising and we would never distribute your email address without your permission. Please post your ideas for events you would like The Pack to host as well as fund-raising ideas.

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